• Choice Partners national cooperative members gain access to quality contracts and vendors
    Colleges and universities, counties, municipalities, school districts, and other governmental agencies and political subdivisions, and nonprofits within or outside Texas, may access Choice Partners national cooperative legal, competitively bid facilities contracts under Intergovernmental Code 791, after signing an interstate participating contract or interlocal agreement (available for download by registering below). Companies that wish to respond to RFP's and bid to become a Vendor partner with an approved contract, read about becoming a bidder.

    Image of Members and Vendors at Choice Partners appreciation day event.

    Advantages to signing an interlocal or participating contract
    Purchasing officers know that obtaining a competitively bid, best value contract takes several steps – more than many end users of the needed product or service realize. Consequently on a weekly basis, purchasing officers have to juggle tasks to meet demands of other staff members who have come in with a need on a short deadline.  To meet these needs on a timely basis, progressive purchasing officers will proactively advocate that the governing board of their entity sign an interlocal or participating agreement with Choice Partners national cooperative. This adds capability to the purchasing department, without the expense of adding staff. And there is no charge to become a member!

    Benefits of working with Choice Partners
    Provides quality, quick method of delivering facilities services which:

    • Saves staff time in purchasing - Contracts are already competitively procured
    • Saves staff time in construction, purchasing and food services
    • Saves on budgets while saving taxpayer dollars
    • Improves procurement initiatives and efficiency
    • Extends staff time through use of these contracts

    Outside Texas, governmental entities are responsible to ensure they are meeting the law and following the applicable state purchasing policies, but generally the competitively bid process used by Choice Partners will meet most state requirements. Just sign up then follow the appropriate state law. Check the statutes for all states. And remember, send a Confirmation Copy of your PO to to stay compliant with state laws about competitive procurement.


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