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  • HCDE Records Management Services assists the State of Texas educational and governmental agencies with maintenance and compliance with the State of Texas Local Governmental Records Act of 1989.

    We provide all types of records management services, including:
    • helping agencies develop Records Control Schedules
    • pickup destruction/shredding services
    • recycling bins
    • electronic imaging and storage
    • vital records storage
    • confidential records storage
    • and transportation services.

    We serve school districts, counties, municipalities, and other government entities.

    The 2022–2023 Records Management Board Presentation is now available to view or download.

How Can We Help You?

  • We offer Records Storage Solutions for your important files, document imaging to simplify your workflow, as well as secure destruction.

    Sign into our Records Management Portal to view your requests, status, and records. 

    Still not sure? Contact our expert staff and they can assist you.

    Why Store Off-Site?

    • Compliance-Many auditors require that documents be stored off-site.
    • Safety-Office settings are not constructed to provide the fire and water protection that is offered by commercial records centers.
    • Accessibility-24/7/365 availability of documents makes an emergency a little easier to handle.
    • Cost-Records centers are specifically designed to house documents efficiently - compare the per box cost to the cost of office space, file cabinets and staff to manage your records.
    • Control-Limit employee access to information and get an audit trail of every transaction.

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  • Records Management
    Harris County Department of Education
    6005 Westview Dr.
    Houston, TX 77055

    Email: csd@hcde-texas.org

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2022–2023 by the numbers

  • 60,000 High school transcripts scanned (annually)
  • 3,521 Electronic/web orders completed
  • 2,820 Transportation stops
  • 28,424 Boxes destroyed
  • 1,040 Manual work orders completed
  • 13,701 New boxes received
  • 2,459,416 Images scanned
  • 883 Bins rotated

Our services

      Document Imaging

      • HCDE Document Imaging Can Simplify Your Workflow

        HCDE Records Management will prepare, scan, index, and host your business records, providing you with unprecedented convenience and immediate availability.

        Document imaging—anything from emails, invoices, transcripts and records—provides a significant, but often hidden, opportunity to cut costs, improve decision making and safeguard and streamline your entire organization. Pair document imaging with hosting your images on our web servers and you have immediate access, anywhere in the world, on any computer with internet access.

        No matter what industry you are in, the handling of paper within your organization is a major expense. Valuable time and resources are spent locating and retrieving paper files. There is also the cost of regenerating documents that have been misplaced or lost. These expenses can impact an entire organization.

        Imaging your records and storing them on our web server allows you to:

        • securely access records 24/7, 365 days a year from your desk, laptop, and iPad;
        • save time and effort and concentrate on your core business;
        • protect your records from fires, floods, and theft;
        • allow multiple users to access information from different locations; and
        • organize records in a secure, user-friendly online repository.


        Indexing Services

        How you organize your records is almost as important as their safety, from boxing, re-boxing, indexing, labeling, or relocating your file room, to even creating or updating a database to improve file tracking. Our professional indexers can update your existing database, on any platform, or help get you started with our custom Records Management Software. With your records properly organized, our software will allow you to track and monitor all your company's files, no matter where they reside.

      Records Storage

      • Records Storage Solutions For Your Important Files

        Our Secure Storage Portal is safe, secure, confidential, and gives you more convenient access to your account anytime, anywhere! You will appreciate how quick and easy it is to complete your requests. You will also be pleased to know that with our Secure Storage Portal your requests are posted immediately. The Secure Storage Portal will give you the ability to maintain an inventory of the items you send to HCDE Records Management for storage. You can manage subscribers who have access to your account.

        We offer an economical solution for storing and managing your business files. Our records storage and records management program provides a reliable and secure method for relieving the burden of having to keep up with your document inventory. We eliminate the overhead and administrative headaches common to in-house document storage schemes by providing: 

        • offsite storage
        • retention management
        • identity theft protection
        • file retrieval and delivery

        Let us handle your document management so you can focus on the other important things in your business.

        With just a few quick steps, you will be on your way to ensuring that you have an accurate accounting of your storage inventory, making future retrievals and reporting that much easier. The right document storage solution makes all the difference. 

        Your Records Are Safe and Secure

        Your documents should not be stored just anywhere. Relying on a warehouse or self-storage facility can create a number of problems, from wet and moldy documents to stolen files. Our records center was purpose-built for protecting and preserving paper documents. We offer a safe, clean, secure facility for storing confidential business records. Our records center is a steel-constructed building sheathed in steel panels and designed to eliminate theft, fire and water damage. All documents are stored on high-density records storage racking systems. Unlike a self-storage facility or warehouse, we only store hardcopy documents. We use state-of-the-art technology and rigorously designed and monitored processes that constantly maintain the security of our clients' confidential information, including:

        • strict building access monitoring and control;
        • provision of a class 125 four-hour certified fire protection system in our vault;
        • facilities monitored by powerful video surveillance camera system, 24-hour motion detectors and moisture detection systems;
        • facility access strictly controlled and employees use proximity cards to access secure areas;
        • Records Management Center specifically designed to store records and documents efficiently by our team of dedicated
        • professionals will help manage your records; and
        • GPS-enabled vehicles transport your documents to and from your offices.

      Secure Destruction

      • Protect Your Most Confidential Information

        In today's world, you have to protect your own data and the data of your customers or clients, too. Privacy laws have never been stricter than they are now. We can assist you in developing a clear, convenient document shredding schedule that will increase the protection of your most confidential information.

        We will help guard you against the following:

        • identity fraud;
        • theft or loss of confidential files; and
        • sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, both internally and externally.

        We can help you control costs and increase your comfort level with the following:

        • guaranteed, secure document shredding services;
        • thorough documentation to indicate chain-of-custody for legal purposes with proof of service;
        • convenient rates appropriate to your needs; and
        • a secure shredding guarantee.

        With HCDE Records Management Shredding Services, the chain of custody remains unbroken from the deposit of documents in your office's secure HCDE consoles until your Certificate of Destruction is received.

        Destruction Bin Delivery: We deliver locked destruction bins or consoles to your business for you to fill with your documents. These tamper-resistant containers are bar-coded, scanned, and tracked through every stage of destruction.

        Scheduled Service: Our drivers arrive at your location according to the schedule you set up with us. Your empty bins replace your full bins, placed on our truck with locked lids. They remain locked until they reach our secure facility.

        Certificate of Destruction: If you would like proof of destruction of your hard drives, media, or documents, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction after each scheduled shredding service.

        At HCDE Records Management, we take every precaution to ensure your sensitive media and documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

        To protect your information, we:

        • only hire drivers who pass strict background checks and undergo regular drug screening;
        • use only the most advanced locking destruction bins and consoles to keep your documents secure until destruction;
        • outfit all of our vehicles with GPS tracking systems that we monitor via the web; and
        • secure our facility with entry access controls, a 24-hour alarm, and a digital camera system.

        By taking these and other precautions, HCDE Records Management offers your business the convenience of professional paper shredding while safeguarding your confidential information. HCDE Records Management can help you determine a service level and program that is right for you. Simply contact us to set up an appointment with our Record Management team.

      Resources Serving School Districts, Counties, Municipalities, and Other Government Entities

      • Resources Serving School Districts, Counties, Municipalities, and Other Government Entities

        We are a full-service facility offering our clients the security and dependability expected for records management.

        Services include:

        • Initial consultation and set up of your records program
        • Custom development of your records control schedule
        • Boxed and secured storage of your hard copy records
        • Boxes with lids available for purchase
        • Imaging your permanent and non-permanent records
        • Electronic document storage and retrieval with unlimited access
        • Destruction of eligible records
        • Data protection services include the storage of vital records in a secure media vault
        • Media tape rotations
        • Electronic scanning and conversion of many microfilm types
        • Transportation of records


        If you need immediate information read to you over the telephone, we are here to meet your special circumstances. We provide a guaranteed rush delivery service during normal business hours. Drivers are clearly identified in company apparel with photo ID badges. Our main objective is to provide all our customers with the highest level of service. We strive to offer affordable solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements.

        RMS ACCESS is HCDE Records Management’s exclusive web-based customer database. RMS ACCESS will help you save time and increase accuracy. You will have control of your data by requesting services through RMS ACCESS. You can view live requests, reports, billing information, and invoices.

        If you do not already have access, contact customer support by calling us at 713-694-9022 or emailing us at csd@hcde-texas.org.

        Data Protection Services
        HCDE provides a class 125 four-hour certified fire protection system in our vault. Our media vault is environmentally safe and temperature- and humidity-controlled. Various media is stored, including microfiche, CD-ROMs, reels, and back-up tapes. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly data rotations.

        Media Tape Rotation Services
        HCDE provides seven-days-a-week and, in some cases, weekend, tape rotations. We offer a dependable service to meet your needs, ensuring you are getting what you need to function daily. You can make your request through our customer service desk via e-mail, fax, or phone.