Funding Opportunities

  • Funding Opportunities appear throughout the year, often in cycles. Continually check back for new funding opportunities.

    New funding opportunities overviews will appear at the top of the accordion below, as well as on its own page on the left-hand navigation; prior, closed, and archived funding opportunities are at the bottom of this page.

    The youth service bid is a prerequisite for all CASE for Kids funding. Find out more about getting in the bid!

    For issues or questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.


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  • Partnership Project RFP 2024–2025

Prior, Closed, and/or Archived Funding Opportunities

  • County Connections 2024 (CLOSED)

  • City Connections 2023–2024 (CLOSED)

  • Partnership Project RFP 2023–2024 (CLOSED)

  • County Connections 2023 (CLOSED)

  • City Connections 2022–2023 (CLOSED)

  • Partnership Project RFP 2022-2023 (CLOSED)

  • County Connections 2022 (CLOSED)

  • City Connections 2021-2022 RFP (CLOSED)

  • Partnership Project RFP 2021-2022 (CLOSED)

  • County Connections 2021 (CLOSED)

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