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  • The Afterschool Zone is the virtual meeting place to share resources, know-how and innovative ideas. CASE for Kids uses the web site to update the community about funding opportunities, highlight model projects and connect the community with after-school activities all across Harris county. This on-line interactive resource allows parents, providers, after-school programs, students and the community an opportunity to connect during out-of-school time.



  • CASE for Kids 2021 Virtual All-Earth Ecobot Challenge


    In the Middle School Level Competition, 7th and 8th grade students engage in a remote hands-on project-based learning model that involves the designing, testing, and flying of drones through multiple simulations. Students use Tello Quadcopters drones to navigate challenges based on real-world environmental issues. During their out-of-school time program, students prepared for ten (10) weeks leading up to the virtual culminating event: Virtual Drone Challenge Day.

    Middle School Level Competition Winners 


    In the Elementary School Level Competition, 4th through 6th grade students engage in a remote hands-on project-based learning model that features chemistry, physics, robotics, and STEM-based modules. During their afterschool programs, students use safety tested pre-assembled kits in conjunction with a curriculum. The curriculum is designed to create a layer of competition for each activity completed by the students.

    Elementary School Level Competition Winners 


Our Mission:

  • Strengthen, support, and sustain afterschool programs and out-of-school time activities.

Our Vision:

  • A connected community investing in opportunities for youth.

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