• Program Overview
    The Center for Safe and Secure Schools utilizes a tiered approach to professional development engagement.

    Image of a matrix showing professional Development Engagement.

    Whole school approach is critical to successful school-wide implementation. Key stakeholders from the community and all staff must be included in the restorative process.

    Image of a three year planning approach.

    Restorative Practices Trainings
    Introduction to Restorative Practices - Level 1

    This workshop series is an excellent experience for participants who want to be introduced to the basics of Restorative Practices. This training allows participants to experience the impact of a virtual Restorative Circle. Participants will have an opportunity to experience a community-building circle process and develop the skills to plan and facilitate a virtual Restorative Circle. Participants will also have the tools to facilitate an in-person circle.

    Restorative Practices Coordinator Training Package (Train the Trainer)

    In this immersive training, participants will gain the experience to coordinate the facilitation of Restorative Practices on their campus. Built on a solid base of Tier I preventative and community building practices, this workshop develops advanced skills in responding restoratively to students and educators. Information will be shared on assembling and preparing stakeholders, the art of facilitation, engaging and investing team members, and trouble-shooting challenges. *This coordinator training covers the information and materials from the Introduction to Restorative Practices, Tier 2 addressing harm approaches, in addition to strategies to facilitate restorative practices coordination for your campus.

    Moving to Virtual: Restorative Circle Practice

    This 1-hour professional development will provide a specific overview of steps and best practices for facilitation and conducting Restorative circle practices in a virtual setting. This session includes access to a resource packet, suggested guidelines, and steps to support your practice needs. This course is for educators who have been previously trained and have substantial experience in traditional Restorative Practices.

    Refresher training

    This HALF-day workshop is for participants who want to engage, apply, and experience the essentials of Restorative Practices. This professional development reviews emerging school discipline data, mindset shifts, Restorative questions, and the fundamentals of Restorative Circles. Participants will be able to experience both community building and activity circles. Also, participants will walk away with several planning guides to immediately execute their own impactful circles.

    Consulting sessions

    Training participants will be provided follow-up and feedback and are scheduled upon request. Sessions include:

    · Meeting and discussing Restorative Practices progress with the leadership team

    · Review of discipline data and project goals

    · Observations conducted with detailed feedback on implementation

    · Collaboration with third party grant evaluator